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Q: I’m getting messages like “DLL not found” when I start up the application.

Your computer may not have certain required components. Go to the download page and try installing one or more of the support packages. If the problem persists, try reinstalling Groove Detective. Otherwise contact Tech Support (support@cpuproductions.com).


Q: Why can’t I hear the pattern when I click the Play button?

Have you selected an Audio Device in File/Options/Audio? GD requires DirectX for audio output. If it’s not already on your computer you can download it on the Download page.



I’ve made a pattern that I know is in a loop I have, but it doesn’t show up in the results. What’s wrong?

This can happen for a couple of reasons. 1. The analysis could have made a mistake. To check this, load the loop into the waveform display, select the correct bar and send it to the editor. It will display exactly what’s in the database with one exception. If there’s a hit at the very end of the bar, just before the next one begins, the database analysis will consider that hit to be ‘early’ and move it accordingly, but the editor will not do so. 2. Your slop factor may be too low or the quantization may be too aggressive.