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Ebb and Flow
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A new way to create abstract animations

CAGS is an application designed to provide novel ways to explore the amazing visual world of Cellular Automata. Although it provides full support for the tradional way of creating CA with coding, it also has a wide spectrum of easy-to-use tools than can be used without any programming knowledge.

In theory, a CA can be used to create any image that your computer/phone/tablet can make. This follows from numerous proofs that a CA can be equivalent to a Universal Turing Machine, and thus it can compute anything a present-day CPU can. That's the Computer Science part.

The artistic side of this, is that no one has ever really bothered to probe deeply into the visual potential of running a CA. That's about to change with CAGS! It is our hope that many curious people will join in this effort to see what kind of imagery lurks in the hidden depths of the logic of computations.

CAGS is developed by CPU Productions. A company based in Santa Barbara, California, US.

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